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Ils ont suivi un stage cross parapente avec moi, ma meilleure pub vient d’eux…

Thank you xcguide for an unforgettable experience. I have been paragliding for over ten years and in just a few days of coaching you pointed out many mistakes I was making and taught me the right way.  And the miniwing … wow… I am addicted and I will be coming for more every chance I get.  I had so much fun and learned so much.  I can’t wait for the next session. »

George N. Liban stage cross parapente juillet 2016

« Having become comfortable with the predicable flying around Annecy I wanted to break away and explore deeper into the mountains, but at the same time, have the guarantee of being in the right place at the right time for the weather. Having already learnt to speedride with Arnaud a few years ago, I knew he would be the best person to guide myself and a couple of friends for a long weekend XC paragliding in the French Alps (although I didn’t realise he was 5th in the French XC Nationals at the time). It was exactly what we were after. As we conquered the routes between Chamonix and Annecy, we were able to apply our BHPA knowledge with Arnaud adding on a steady flow of tips and tricks spanning everything from safety, to meteorology through to competition flying styles as we went. It was absolutely the ideal way to experience true alpine flying in an enjoyable and progressive manner, and for me it has provided that key step forward in having the confidence to explore into the unknown in big country. Flying with XCguide is great fun, relaxed, and perfect for those either wanting to learn from the best, or just have the reassurement of extensive local knowledge. Many thanks! Can’t wait until next time! »

Nick Lloyd UKAFHPA / TVHGC stage cross parapente Juin 2015


« I had the pleasure of having Arnaud’s guiding and coaching expertise during a 3 day visit to Bourg-Saint-Maurice in September of this year.
Few people can have the level of knowledge, understanding and passion for paragliding, mini-wing and speed riding/flying in the mountains as Arnaud.
Arnaud packs a lot into each day and one’s learning experience is steep, enjoyable and very safe! I left the mountains with a much greater sense of confidence in my overall flying ability, and a yearning to return at the first opportunity!!
Many thanks to Arnaud!! »

Andrew Presland  stage cross parapente Septembre 2016


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